Monday, August 8, 2016

The Motivation Behind the Love of Money and Power

We human beings and very socially aware of our environment and swim in that environment like fish and water. We are born into a social environment and die in a social environment. Our lives revolve around a social activities whether we like it or not. Because we are in constant contact with others we judge our value by others and money and power become brokers toward greater personal influence.

Some see the accumulation of money and power as a negative thing. Money and power are not moral or immoral in and of themselves. Money and power put toward a good act can be helpful to society while money and power used to manipulate others is a destructive force on society.

 The way in which we use our money and power is based deeply in your personality and our lives. At the lower income levels of society money has great meaning and is needed as access to resources and opportunities. This is completely understandable. At the higher income levels of society money is no longer needed for survival but is used for thriving, generational support, and social class distinction.

 The fish bowl becomes smaller but the players are much bigger. All of us seek to influence our environment in some way or another. The common street thug and the sophisticated politician all have as what Nietzsche described the "Will to Power". They are seeking to raise their status in society and gain more access to the resources around them.

At our deepest levels we strive to be more and accomplish more. It is rooted in our psychology and biology and helps us to survive as a species. Those who are the strongest further support their survival. Ensuring access to growth, opportunity, and resources based on the actual skill of the person is beneficial for society.

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