Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Benefits of Lap Swimming

Lap Swimming improves your overall health by providing a unique workout that increases your cardiovasular health and muscle strength. Keeping a routine like 30 minutes 3X a week is helpful to losing weight and getting in shape.

Cardio: Keeps your blood pumping, your cardiovascular system in good health and reduces fat deposits.

Trains Your Lungs: When underwater your body adapts to use oxygen more efficiently creating benefits for your whole body.

Resistance: 12-16% more resistance when working out in the water when compared to land leading to increased muscle tone and cardiovascular benefits.

Keeping Cool: Water distributes heat and reduces the chance of overheating.

Low Impact: Almost no damage to joints and ligaments. No jumping, bumping, or repetitive impact.

Muscle Stretch and Range: As you swim different styles your muscles will stretch and create greater ranges of motion in its own form of yoga.

Reduces Stress: While exercise helps to reduce stress being in the water also dulls your senses allowing you to feel calm.

Hits all the Small Muscles: Going to the gym works all the large muscles but swimming will work all the neglected small muscles.

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