Thursday, August 11, 2016

Supporting Art While Supporting Charity

Art is a passion that helps us see the world in a new way and explore new avenues of understanding. Unless you are in advertising, or one of the great artists, you are unlikely to make much money in the artistic fields. Because art is a poor man's, or gal's, occupation but is beneficial to society it is possible to support art and your favorite charity at the same time.

Artists might have a hard time selling their works on their own but if they give half of their revenue to a charity they could create more passion for their work and a more interested clientele that is willing to open their check books.

It is beneficial to offer a percentage of your sales to charity; the higher the percentage the better. When a patron makes a purchase they are doing two beneficial things for society. They are supporting the artist and the charity.

There is no difference between this and a company that is a good corporate citizen that offers 10% of their sales to support some beneficial cause. People who donate and buy art are often cut from the same cloth based on their aesthetic appreciation for life.

Empathetic people who are in tune with their emotions are moved by the grace of the artists stroke in the same way they are moved by kids in poverty or those suffering from diseases. Their feelings and desires for a better world motivate them to make a purchase.

You are tapping your primary customer demographics by highlighting a good cause and to the meaning of your art. Art has been used for charity auctions for a long time. Offering a percentage of the purchase price to a charity is a helpful act to the field and society.

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