Friday, August 26, 2016

Reflection Leads to Greater Insight

Insight is a process of discovery using our intuitive senses to understand a  problem and solution in a way that wasn't possible without taking the time to reflect. Depending on how you see it one could make the argument that it is a subconscious process that connects information together to obtain a gasp of a solution in its entirety. Taking the time to reflect on life, business, and other issues leads to greater insight.

Insight can lead to new innovations and development based on fundamental human truths. Insight isn't observation, data, or methodology alone but a deep truth that springs forward from our unconscious. It is a little like walking to the grocery store, allowing your mind to go blank, and discovering fundamental motivations that can apply to all customers.

Insight doesn't come from nothing. There is a lot of work that must happen before insight occurs. While it seems like it pops out of the blue there is a lot of learning that must occur first. Scientists don't just come and make amazing discoveries without first understanding the known literature, the background, context and conversations associated.

It takes time to create insight- in some cases years. We must spend a considerable amount of time thinking and pondering a problem, researching possible solutions, and gaining a grasp of its fundamentals. Then one day a solution comes forward that is fundamental and applies to the root of a business problem, the people around us, and the customers we serve.

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