Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Quality Deck Shoes on Discount

Who doesn't love deck shoes on discount? Shoes are one of the first things people look when meeting you for the first time. You wouldn't normally advertise to your friends that you found shoes on discount, but that depends if you are a practical or emotional buyer. Sometimes discounts don't lead to savings as the product doesn't have high value while at other times you can save money and get something fashionable.

I do a lot of sailing and moved into competitive sailboat racing working that requires a lot of deck running. My old soft bottom shoes were not longer going to cut it so I went in search of high quality non-scuff deck shoes that grip even when the water has splashed up on the deck. After searching online I decided to stop at my local West Marine to do some comparison shopping.

What did I find?

A whole array of deck shoes designed specifically for sailing. According to the sales agent, Sperry offers high quality boat shoes that last in salt water and provide a durable non-slip sole. Beyond functional they also are fashionable and can be worn in other locations when your not on ship.

The ones I selected where Sperry's Haylard 2 Eye Deck shoe. Normally running between $50 and $100 they were on sale for $32. The advantage of the shoe is that it is durable, has a sole designed for non-slip that protects against injury, and can be used for casual wear.

The worst thing you can do is buy shoes that hurt your feet and lead to injury through sliding on the deck, falling down, or over into the water.

Items on sale don't mean they are worth less than other brands. Sometimes summer season ends and new items must be put in place. You also find that only a few sizes are available so the entire selection is discounted. Sales could also be used to draw customers in. In this case it seems that summer is ending and new shoes are being brought aboard.

You can check out of their other shoes at Sperry

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