Saturday, August 27, 2016

Implementing Group Values in the Workplace

Group values are an important part of group cohesion and work performance. Rules, regulations, discipline and rewards only go so far in motivating people to put forward higher levels of effort. Group values acts as an underlining stream of consciousness that connects employees perceptions to particular outcomes.

In any particular situation people seek to have advantages and avoid punishments. They generally follow the rules and try and do a descent job so they can earn more pay. These rules and rewards must continually be reinforced to be effective and therefore have minimal utility in the long run.

Group values are more flexible, but the general themes apply to all members who share adherence to that group. People have a death fear of rejection and criticism. Where a rule can be thwarted, a social rule is almost always followed.

This makes group values a long-term approach to management that leads to better outcomes than rules and rewards alone. They develop organically and can take on a meaning of their own but end up motivate committed workers and lessen disciplinary issues by others.

-Allows stories to develop that have meaning to members. Stories create culture and when individuals and activities are memorialized in stories it prompts people how to think and act.

-Develop shared sense of responsibility by allowing group decisions and group disciplinary processes.

-Ensure that people understand the activities and actions of the organization in a way that helps them grow and develop.

-Encourage leadership from among the ranks to show a sense of community development and support.

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