Thursday, August 11, 2016

How Aesthetics Improves Business?

Beautifully run businesses help customer return over and over through the aesthetic charm that enhances their experience. Customers don't just eat at a restaurant for food, they eat there because of the atmosphere and social experience. Each time they come they build a bank of memories and feelings that associate them closer to the brand.

Aesthetics is completely dependent on the type of business you are running. If you are a low cost taco provider a few displays and pictures might suffice. If you are a high end fresh fish restaurant you will want to make sure the ambiance and environment provokes the right kind of feelings.

Think of how our environment impacts our moods. Low lighting and candles will increase romanticism while bright lights and colors increase our arousal. The type of furniture, smell, decor and uniforms will all make a difference in the impression of the business.

While it may seem subtle aesthetics play a big part in how we feel about a business. Most of our judgments about a place and how we feel about it are subjective. Sure....we might consciously consider the cost and taste of the food  in our evaluation but our overall impressions are dependent on a deeper psychological process based on our past experiences.

Improving positive moods associated with a business requires thinking about all the ways in which people perceive information and expanding the product beyond the sale and into the environment. Most businesses are selling a feel and memory and not necessarily a product. How we feel both during and after contact with the business makes all the difference in repeat sales. Aesthetics helps us enhance that possibility.

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