Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Grabbing Your Mental Gear and Learning the Skills to Achieve Your Goals

Motivation is hard to develop if you don't have solid goals and the right mental gear to make things happen.Self-efficacy and Self-Esteem are the tools we need to get things done and our skills are the right gear. Without basic beliefs about our abilities and inherent worth we cannot achieve those things that are needed. The world is not going to hand you will need to work for each piece you achieve. If you don't believe in yourself no one else will.

There are billions of people out there that are seeking to get something out of their environment. They are inherently and biologically designed to fulfill their needs. They push their needs in complex ways on the environment around them. Each has developed a strategy to compete and achieve homeostasis with their environment.

Accomplishing great things means you will need to do something different and change your approach to the world around you. It requires you to grab your mental gear and make new efforts and efforts that get you on the right path. This mental gear should include a general belief in your skills to achieve your goals and the inherent belief that you are worthy of  achieving these goals.

You can own your successes.

Its not easy in world where everyone seems to need something from each other and are furthering their own interests as the expense of others. If your goals have value, are beneficial to yourself and society, then you are entitled to work on them. You have the right to purse your goals in the face of adversity and continue to push for your goals.

That doesn't mean you will always achieve them so you will need to be prepared to enjoy the process as much as the goal achievement. Be persistent and focused on what you want. Keep your motivation high by maintaining your good spirits and balancing out your life. Getting ahead, is about starting the journey with right beliefs that keep you motivated and learning the right skills that get things done.

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