Thursday, August 18, 2016

Evaluating Training Through Kirkpatrick's Four Level Training Model

How do you know if your training program is on track? In his book Evaluating Training Programs, Professor Donald Kirkpatrick proposed that Reaction, Learning, Behavior and Results constitute a solid corporate training program. The model helps training professions understand how their programs are functioning and whether or not they need to make adjustments.

Reaction: How does your audience react to the training? Do they understand and seem to connect with the material. If they are not engaged in the training then you might need to make some adjustments in content and style.

Learning: Has your participants learned? Having definable objectives and then assessing their learning helps in ensuring that people are taking away valuable knowledge that can be used in other places.

Behavior: Has the learning impacted your trainees? If their behavior hasn't changed and they have not learned to apply their ideas then they are unlikely to have gained much from the course. The best route is to develop higher levels of behavior changes that produces results in the workplace.

Results: What has been the total impact of the training? If it hasn't led to increased sales, lower mistakes, or some other viable objective then the training didn't have as much impact. Results justify the program and future programs.

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