Thursday, August 18, 2016

Using Photos to Enhance your Site

Photos are worth a thousand words. People read, most often skim content, but when a photo is added it can put all of the information together in a way that makes instant sense. Many businesses stick any old photo up there that his little benefit for their business or the amount of visitors they will receive. Creating a website with aligned and thoughtful pictures can increase your visitors.

People take the quick route to understanding a website before deciding to invest their time and energy in reading its contents. They look at the overall display, pictures, titles, headings, and the first few sentences of the leading paragraph.

If the "first impression" is not done well the site will not be able to maximize its stickiness and retain customers in a way that will covert them to sales. Customers might take a quick look and then just click back if they don't think they will find what they are looking for. There are millions of sites...why yours?

Consider the picture to the right dubbed "Zen". This picture represents solitude, health, reflection and meaning. It could be used on a yoga site, massage, or health site to enhance the overall impression. As soon as someone glances at this picture they instantly get the message.

Pictures have feelings associated with them. If you can get a customer to feel something they will be be motivated to invest their time scouring your site.

Before you select the photos you want on your site make sure you know what the site stands for and what you hope to accomplish from it. Break down your site into a few descriptive keywords. Use those words to select your picture to ensure maximum emotional and mental engagement that encourages them to stay longer and read your content. With any luck, you can convert them to a customer.

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