Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Eat Out and Eating Well

If you are traveling a lot, eating out and struggling with weight management you are not alone. People who travel are known to have a problem with weight gain and other health issues. There are options for people who want to eat well when they are dining. Think about a few of these tips:

-Salads: Salads are the first choice as you can as they are generally low fat and can be adjusted to include protein like fish and chicken. Avoid creamy salads and those with a lot of cheese or bread.

-Lean Meats: Lean meats will get you your protein intake and can be a healthy option considering some of the other things that most restaurants offer.

-Fish: Fish is one of the best option as it generally increases the level of positive fats and isn't high on calories but still loaded with protein. This is dependent on how it is prepared. Go fresh and avoid deep fried and battered.

-Veggies and Red Sauces: Avoid spaghetti and pasta consider the benefits of red sauces and veggie foods that don't contain a lot of cream. While they may have high calories they protect against cancer and aid in weight loss.

-Share a Meal or order Appetizer: Calories count. You might want to share a meal and appetizer with someone so you are not ordering two meals. Make sure both are healthy such as baked calamari or humus.

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