Monday, August 29, 2016

Balboa Park-Encapsulated Hiking

Right in the heart of San Diego are hiking trails that provide different levels of intensity from easy to moderate. A great place for people who don't have the time or transportation to make it out some some of the more challenging courses in the mountains.

Balboa has 5 different trail heads and color marks each of these trails so that hikers can understand their intensity. Printable maps are available below. A few of the trails are more wilderness based and some lead to park attractions. A good place for beginners and intermediates that want to finish up with a good place to eat.

What I liked about the trails were their convenience. If you live downtown one could walk, bike, or take a bus to Balboa and still enjoy the outdoors. Some of the trails along the highway are heavy with noise pollution. The trails are well taken care of.

Because the intensity was low it was an easy and convenient place to hold  conversation while conversing and socializing. If you are going to hand out with your friends it makes sense to work in a little fitness as well.

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