Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 28th Taco & Tequilla Polo

The Gutierra and Estudillo families celebrate the 25th Annual Fernando Gutierrez Memorial Cup. With matches starting at 1pm and 3 pm and proceeds going to Compassion for Animals. A beautiful day at 72 degrees and a nice breeze to keep everyone cool.

Teams for the first round were Rule 1 Investments/ LA Jolla Polo & Craig Venter Institute while the teams for the second round were Monteverde & Club Polo Cabo. Consistent back and foth with mallet and ball at each chukker.

What I find most interesting about these matches is the power of the ponies specially bred for speed and agility. Within seconds they can change their line and head off in another direction . they arw not easily spooked and have some abi!lity to keepfocus.

The smell of grass and chattering the background play well with music and announcer to create excitement. Crowds gathered in groups and families to watch. Easy parking and comfortable arrangements add to the experience.


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