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The Value of Integrity

Integrity, a nearly dead word, rises as a strong point of character and should be cherished and encouraged in people. People who have integrity can be trusted to act and speak in a manner that shows they have an internal value system. They are a rare breed that should be encouraged among employees, friends, family and officials. People who hold integrity have a complete and whole sense of values and are able to make decisions based on those values. The situation may change but integrity will still hold the person internally consistent and self-accountable to their behaviors. They are masters of their own mind. Unfortunately, the U.S. is having a crisis of integrity. We are teaching the values of obtaining our goals without regard to the costs. This means we are suffering from a lack of "wholeness" in values. Young people are growing up not knowing what the concept of integrity is and don't often have a good guide to judge themselves. It is not the goals themselves

Raising Investment Capital

I came across this video on raising investment capital. Firms should not only have the product but also the proper design. While the video is self-promoting it does make a few good points on how companies should seek to develop revenue lines and minimize expenses. Solid companies find what their assets are, capitalize on them, and create more. Businesses that will last beyond the initial "buzz" of the new product/service must move to include more revenue lines.

Eat Out and Eating Well

If you are traveling a lot, eating out and struggling with weight management you are not alone. People who travel are known to have a problem with weight gain and other health issues. There are options for people who want to eat well when they are dining. Think about a few of these tips: - Salads: Salads are the first choice as you can as they are generally low fat and can be adjusted to include protein like fish and chicken. Avoid creamy salads and those with a lot of cheese or bread. - Lean Meats: Lean meats will get you your protein intake and can be a healthy option considering some of the other things that most restaurants offer. - Fish: Fish is one of the best option as it generally increases the level of positive fats and isn't high on calories but still loaded with protein. This is dependent on how it is prepared. Go fresh and avoid deep fried and battered. - Veggies and Red Sauces: Avoid spaghetti and pasta consider the benefits of red sauces and veggie foods

2016 LONDON International Conference on Business, Economics and Corporate Social Responsibilities

2016 LONDON International Conference on Business, Economics and Corporate Social Responsibilities (BECSR-16) 29th to 30th November 2016 London, United Kingdom Please Submit Full Paper OR Poster OR Abstract -There is Option of Oral / Poster / Virtual Presentations. The proceedings will be DOI Crossref INDEXED & it is referred Printed Proceedings with ISBN number. TOPICS --- Banking --- Finance --- Business --- Business Ethics --- E-Business --- E-Commerce --- E-Governance --- Economics --- Human Resources --- Management --- Interdisciplinary Studies --- Information Systems --- Operations Research --- Organizational Behaviour --- Management --- Marketing --- Social Science --- Applied Science --- Social Responsibility --- Social and Cultural Issues SUBMISSION METHODS 1. Email: OR 2. Electronic Submission System ( .doc/.docx/.pdf formats): The template can be downloaded using the link: http://ear

Understanding and Resolving Workplace Conflict

Workplace conflict is a natural part of employment and the use and obtainment of resources. People come into the workplace with all types of needs and expectations. When these needs and expectations are not in alignment with what others want there could be conflict. Resolving and understanding conflict is important for resolution and moving past potential problems. The first thing to do is sit down and realize what is really important to you. Many people are unreasonable and unwilling to compromise. While that strategy works sometimes it can also backfire in poor relationships and getting less than you want. If you understand what is important you are likely to avoid the pitched battles. Come prepared. Expect differences of opinions and what your argument is for those positions. Don't always try to win but simply to understand what those arguments are and any reasonable solutions. If you start with a high position expect to be countered. Know where your line is and why you shou

Hiring Quality and Adaptable Employees

You have aligned our job descriptions to our strategic plan and then released a job opening advert that seeks to draw in the best candidates. A few good resumes trickle in and a mass amount of poor resumes fill your inbox. You must now move onto picking out the promising applicants and discarding the poor ones. This is difficult process as the few candidates you select from the pile will determine whether or not you feel successful in your candidate search. Most look for experience, background, writing quality, and how the candidate pitches themselves. What we don't often realize is that it is a piece of paper and an interview but isn't the whole story. There are more things to consider like how they give back to the community, their creative endeavors, and the way in which they approach problem solving. These things are not often included in the resume and can be difficult to decipher and find. You might need to take an extra step. When this information is available it t

2017 International Conference on Business and Information - Winter Session

2017 International Conference on Business and Information - Winter Session (BAI-Winter 2017) 24th to 26th January 2017 Bangkok, Thailand Dear Colleague, The 2017 International Conference on Business and Information - Winter Session (BAI-Winter 2017) is to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 24-26, 2016. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform which focuses on certain important topics of business and information. Detailed information about the conference can be found on the official website. We sincerely invite your participation for this event. Submitted papers will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference, on CD-ROM support. Conference Website: Enquiries: Sincerely yours, Wenchang Fang Conference Chair, BAI-Winter 2017

Combining Yoga, Pilates and Cardio

Yoga is a solid fitness program in and of itself but some have complained that it doesn't build muscle or do enough for cardio. Depending on the type of yoga you do, or how you use labels, this isn't always the cases. Some who have tried different kids find they can build a huge sweat going and have aching muscles the next day. While the basics of yoga come from India and the far East it has been adapted to the American style. I don't find this to be a problem at all as this is the way fitness is enhance. Pilates has been mixed into Yoga with  solid results. Others are debatable and seem a little quaky. Yoga is a good base and when you add in body resistance, modified moves and even a little cardio you can build a fairly solid workout. You are meeting stretch, cardio, and weight training in all the same exercise. There is an additional benefit to raising your heart rate in every 5 minutes as the competitive cycling up and down of the heart strengthens it like a spri

Using Variety and Unmet Needs as a Catalyst to Innovation in the Workplace

Innovators new experiences and knowledge to generate new ideas. According to a study in the journal Creativity & Innovation Management, variety seeking and unmet needs leads to service generation ideas (Duverger, 2012). Those who couldn't get their needs met in one arena sought out new opportunities in another arena to fulfill their needs by constant environmental searches. Using their innovative spirit and unmet needs it is possible design jobs that lead to greater innovation. The same can be said of other types of innovation that occur in the workplace. It doesn't happen simply by putting bright minds in jobs. People must learn and become aware of the entire organizational context and its pieces. A way of conceptualizing the business and its operations from a different perspective. That takes a level of exploratory behavior that isn't common in most organizations. Innovative people need the chance to work with, explore, and create novelty to discover new things. t

Terrain Vineyards California Red Blend Review

Terrain Vineyards is a California Red Wine Blend that is made of ripe fruit, oak, and silky tannins. Still strong enough to handle most meat dishes and red sauces without the strong aftertaste. I would characterize this wine as semi-sweet which means it should be paired with a more bitter food. Consider this a full-body wine but not the heaviest you can get on the market. A solid buy that works well for any everyday dinner wine. Priced under $10

International Conference on Economics, Business, Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

International Conference on Economics, Business, Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (EBMCSR-2016) 4th to 5th October 2016 Bali (Kuta Beach), Indonesia New Submissions/Posters/Abstracts are Open and Last Date of Submission of Paper is: Sept. 1, 2016 Top Selected papers will be Published in the following Canadian Journal of University of Quebec (Canada): Journal of Global Management Research ISSN 1488-4569 The conference proceedings book with ISBN Number; CD and certificate participation/presentation will be distributed to the conference participants at the conference registration desk. The post conference proceedings will be submitted to be indexed in the Thomson Reuters, CiteSeerX, and Google Scholar for possible Indexing. The conference welcomes paper submissions from all disciplines on topics including but not limited to: --- Banking --- Business Management and Administration --- Business Ethics --- Conflict resolution --- Economy --- Education --- Finan

Higher Education Reform

As a nation we rely on our higher education institutions and corporate training to teach people the necessary skills to live and work. While higher education is focused on general skills, training focuses more on specific skills needed to complete the job. The future of education reform may include different types of educational options like traditional land grant universities, online universities, certificate programs and corporate sponsored training. Land Grant: Traditional universities, endowments, and tax payer money to keep them running. They are considered the "gold standard" in education but are expensive and have difficulty serving non-traditional students and returning professionals. In the process of reforming as it falls behind other countries. Online Education: Mirrors traditional universities but don't have large campuses. They are streamlined and generally don't have large overhead. They are cheaper when you consider the cost of lost work and housing

Balboa Park-Encapsulated Hiking

Right in the heart of San Diego are hiking trails that provide different levels of intensity from easy to moderate. A great place for people who don't have the time or transportation to make it out some some of the more challenging courses in the mountains. Balboa has 5 different trail heads and color marks each of these trails so that hikers can understand their intensity. Printable maps are available below. A few of the trails are more wilderness based and some lead to park attractions. A good place for beginners and intermediates that want to finish up with a good place to eat. What I liked about the trails were their convenience. If you live downtown one could walk, bike, or take a bus to Balboa and still enjoy the outdoors. Some of the trails along the highway are heavy with noise pollution. The trails are well taken care of. Because the intensity was low it was an easy and convenient place to hold  conversation while conversing and socializing. If you are going to han

How to Manage Time with 10 Tips that Work

A nice video that offers some tips for time management at work that often leads to greater knowledge about how our activities determine our success. What I like about this video is that it helps you think about your goals and what you want to achieve with each meeting as well as when it is beneficial to cut down on social media distractions. 

International Conference on ICT for Human Development

Join us in Fukuoka, Japan from November 3-5, 2016 for this event on ICT for Human Development! The aim of this event is to raise awareness of recent advances in ICT and human development, act as a catalyst for further research, improve international collaboration while bridging the scientific and technological differences between developed and developing nations, and most importantly to foster global security. Submissions of 250 words in English are due by Friday, September 30, 2016 on any of these areas: Culture, Globalization and Technology Education and ICT for Education Gender, Technology and Social Change Healthcare and Health Informatics ICT for Development (ICT4D) Knowledge Management and Data Sustainable Development Travel Technology and Tourism Web address: Questions?

August 28th Taco & Tequilla Polo

The Gutierra and Estudillo families celebrate the 25th Annual Fernando Gutierrez Memorial Cup. With matches starting at 1pm and 3 pm and proceeds going to Compassion for Animals. A beautiful day at 72 degrees and a nice breeze to keep everyone cool. Teams for the first round were Rule 1 Investments/ LA Jolla Polo & Craig Venter Institute while the teams for the second round were Monteverde & Club Polo Cabo. Consistent back and foth with mallet and ball at each chukker. What I find most interesting about these matches is the power of the ponies specially bred for speed and agility. Within seconds they can change their line and head off in another direction . they arw not easily spooked and have some abi!lity to keepfocus. The smell of grass and chattering the background play well with music and announcer to create excitement. Crowds gathered in groups and families to watch. Easy parking and comfortable arrangements add to the experience. Http://

Manager as the Essential People Person

The manager is the essential people person who has the capacity to coach, encourage, and draw together teams based on his or her people skills. After earning his title from years of diligent work, the manage must now impart his wisdom onto others. The managers job is based in the ability to manage multiple personalities and redirect their thinking toward quantifiable and qualitative goals. His charisma is essential to his, and his departments measurable and perceived success. The manager will need to coach and counsel his employees to greater success. Where they fail by either lack of skill or lack of  diligence he will impart his knowledge. A teacher and scholar at heart. When times get tough he will seek to help his team reflect, regroup, and eventually conquer their challenges. A supporter, critic and shaman all together. He pushes his employees to be better than they thought they could. He is ever seeking excellence!

Three Little P's that Can Help Your Career

Sophistication comes through simplicity. Careers are life-long pursuits to find meaning and contribution. We forget much of the career rules, requirements and advice we receive over the years from mentors, family and friends. At its root enhancing your career is pretty easy to remember with three Little P's of Career Development. Personality: Personality is relatively stable over time is part of what makes you who. Your emotional intelligence and ability to interact with others will make a big difference in your career. Persistence: The ability to keep learning and showing consistent performance.   Employers want to know that you can consistently get things. True performance is long-lasting. Perception:  Perception of yourself and perception by others. You must believe in your ability to achieve as well as help others to believe in your ability as well. Sometimes this is outward perception and at other times it is internal perception.

2016 Sharp HospiceCare Regatta Results

The 2016 Sharp HospiceCare Regatta came to an end with fine weather, brews, and BBQ as the winners were called. While our team, Minx didn't place, we used the time as a learning experience that will better suit us the next race. With practice and coordination we improve our times. The HospiceCare Ragatta was a pursuit race meaning that boats start at different times which gets rid of the starting clutter and limits the chances of accidents and sharing gel-coat with another vessel. The fastest ships wins based on speed. This was my first competitive race so I did my best, stayed calm and focused on my job. There is a lot of chaos that goes on during the race and if you stay focused on your job and avoid getting confused by other commands that don't pertain to you. Our time wasn't as strong as hoped based on a couple of  factors such as trying to maneuver around a wayward vessel at the start line causing a 23 second delay. In addition, we tried to use a spinnaker