Friday, July 22, 2016

The Outdoor Recreational Retreat at Lake Jennings Campground

Campgrounds and recreational areas provide opportunities for people to get away from their busy corporate lives and connect with nature in a way that helps them reboot their batteries. Lake Jennings Campground offers a number of amenities within a 35 minute drive from San Diego that may interest nature loving parties that still want to have access to data. With available water/electricity hookups, bathrooms/showers and WiFi you won't miss a step when trying to scramble through a weekend deadline.

It is beneficial to step outside of our busy lives and take some time to connect with nature. You can still check your emails and do work but have the pleasure off doing it in a natural setting. The outdoor environment may just change your perspective and help you think about things in ways you never thought possible. There are few things better than pondering your next great strategic plan while throwing another log to keep the blaze roaring.

As a bonus for people who like fitness the five mile hike around the lake is enough for most trail enthusiasts. Breathtaking views help to maintain your motivation level so be sure to bring your camera. If you are a hiking beginner, there is a smaller and much easier trail around the campgrounds that is just over a mile. All of the trails are groomed and well marked.

There is also the fishing grounds that offers an opportunity to catch up on your long overdo fishing trips. Why not bring the family and your pole? According to the local ranger Lake Jennings is stocked with catfish and is pretty easy for novice fisherman. You will still need your state fishing license and a lake pass.

Whether you are planning a personal get away, a business retreat, or some time with the family you might want to consider Lake Jennings Campground. They offer outdoor activities like hiking and fishing while not giving up on you need to stay connected to the "Net". Only a hop-skip-and-jump away from San Diego you don't need a whole lot of planning. Connect with nature, takes some great photo shops, catch your supper and get in shape.

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