Monday, July 18, 2016

The Nature of Time-Enjoying the Motion

Life always changes so we should become accustomed to it. What was just a few moments won't be the same just a few moments from now. Time is a stream of events that that act and interact to create the world as we know it. A, influences B and their actions influence C in a stream of consciousness. Seeming irreversible we act and are acted on by time and events within that dimension.

Time is seen as a 4th dimension beyond the 3 dimensions that we use to understand the world. Newtonian Time is seen as real and part of the universe while Immanuel Kant believed that time is nothing but a human construct and can't be traveled. Time is seen more as a measurement of motion than a physical entity.

One could argue that time is just a measurement of action that has been referenced by human intellect to a standard in minutes, seconds, hours, seasons, etc... Early human understood nights and days as time measurements based on walking distance while modern man can slice time into a nanosecond. Our speed determines our perception of time.

Time is subjective to our human experience and can be seen as simple velocity (action). Time, motion, movement, points, speed, change, and finish are all different words to describe time. We know that time is limited based on the number of events we can experience in our lives so enjoy your time as much as possible to have the happiest of lives.

Time changes everything and everyone around us.

The Nature of Time

The season swings,

The earth spins,

Life changes,

Knowledge shifts,

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