Sunday, June 5, 2016

Why We Chase Power, Position, Prestige?

The appeal of power, position and prestige is an aphrodisiac that intoxicates almost all that it comes in contact with. Once touched it can consume a person's life until it turns into an addiction. Age doesn't seem to be a protection against the need to expand our position in a pursuit of an unending goal. Promoting people who think beyond power, position and prestige can help your business.

I have met many people, both old and young, that want more money and desire higher and higher positions of power. It is natural to be attracted by these forces but one must wonder what the end game is.

Sometimes we might consider stepping on each other, push our agendas, and even lie in order to gain more...and be more. When it comes to money and power we are often willing to give up a lot of meaningful things in order to obtain it.

In the workplace, constantly seeking additional recognition and gratification can put pressure on teams and damage the long-term sustainability of the organization. In the short term, goals are achieved but in the long-run people begin to slow down and create equity.

There are those few people who can balance their need to obtain greater authority with increased ability to help others achieve their own needs. They move up the ranks as they develop but are not necessarily forcing their way to the top.

I have met very powerful and wealthy people who have a lot of money. Enough to buy huge boats, airplanes, and a number of different homes. But that doesn't make them anymore fulfilled than those who have what they need to feel secure.

To me, it is much better to promote people who have a greater insight into life beyond the gratification of their own egos. They can build teams and inspire people around greater causes. Simply, pushing to achieve self-gratification destroys the natural motivation and trust employees have.

There may never be an upper limit to wealth that we need but there is a point where wealth doesn't matter as much as other things. There are some who have developed to the point that wealth is an enhancement to their lives and not an addiction they need to feed. They have the blessings of power, position and prestige with the peace of mind they know how to use it.

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