Friday, June 3, 2016

Volunteering Makes a Difference in our Communities

Volunteering is an activity of giving back and providing the support that we have for our communities. It is a selfless act that isn't always appreciated the way it should be. In my early morning walk I came across a group of senior citizens cleaning up a Point Loma park and I was impressed that they were willing to give back to the community.

I'm sure there are many ways to give back; of which volunteering is one important ways. Many others go unnoticed and ignored by society. This group of seniors joined a social group and they enjoy each others company as they work on cleaning up the area.

Point Loma is a nice area but sometimes people leave their trash near the harbor and bon fires. At least this clean up makes a small dent in the cleanup that helps the community look good and attract young people. A clean city goes a long way in improving property values and the quality of life.

It just isn't the cleanliness and physical aspects that make a great city but also the social aspects. Cities that offer social aspects that help connect people together and give them purpose can go a long way in keeping people interested in overall engagement. The more people engage, the happier they will be in the long run.

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