Thursday, June 30, 2016

Traits of Adaptable Leaders

Leaders ability to adapt to new businesses and situations is an important trait that helps bridge the gaps from one situation to the next. Adaptable leaders can change their thinking and styles that best fit the type of crisis they are facing. As circumstances unfold the style of the leader should also unfold to secure the best possible outcomes.

Changing Thinking: Thinking must adjust to solve problems. Leaders should be able to change how they formulate their opinions and the vantage points they use to understand their problem. Creativity will help them be flexible.

Changing Styles: Different situations require different ways of solving problems. People respond to styles depending on their personality and the circumstances in which they exist. For example, a crisis situation will require more command styles while innovation will require more collaborative styles.

Changing of Environments: As the environment changes the leader will also need to change. He/she will need to adjust their way of being and continue to learn to adapt to new circumstances. As the leaders continues to adapt they get stronger and more effective.

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