Friday, June 3, 2016

The Importance of Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of most businesses but is often ignored and left to the individual employees. Restaurants will provide one level of service while a car company might provide another. The service must be catered to the needs of the customer. However, when this service is done well it leaves a lasting impression on your customers and can lead to customer retention.

At its core customer service is all about "frustration". As a fundamental question it is either we resolve frustration or leave frustration. Strong customer service will allow the customer to walk away feeling positive about the interaction and their purchase while poor customer service leaves a lasting impression that issues were not resolved.

There are two ways in which service failures or successes may occur. In the first case, the wrong type of services and the operational failure of these services is possible. In the second case, the person-to-person interactions may fail leaving the customer upset at how they were treated.

Sometimes companies pick the wrong service for their product. They are not giving the customer what they need or want. When the customer needs a return on a product they are offering only a replacement. Over time customers will avoid businesses that don't help them solve their problems or who violate unwritten rules of business interaction.

At other times, the service operation might be done well but it is the social interaction that occurs between the employee and the customer that can damage the relationship. Condescending voices, rolling of eyes, attitude, etc...can not only anger the customer but leave them with the impression that the company doesn't respect their business.

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