Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Four Benefits for Kayaking

We live busy lives and have busy schedules. So busy that many of us get stressed out and have a difficult time finding ways to relax and slow down. Getting out of the office and engaging in an outdoor activity has multiple advantages for busy professionals. Kayaking is an excellent sport that offers three major benefits that include fitness, stress reduction, outdoor recreation, and cost.

Fitness: Kayaking offers a strong upper body in addition to cardio advantages. Consider the amount of effort it takes for your upper body to move the paddles from side to side. As you push yourself through the body your chest, arms, abs and back get a workout. Your heart rate will increase and this will further your cardio goals.

Stress Reduction: Physical activity and spending time in the outdoors holds benefits for stress reduction. People seem to improve their outlook on life when they reduce their stress levels in a way that further develops their outlook on life. Engaging in activities like kayaking on a regular basis can keep you productive.

Outdoor Recreation: The great outdoors are a big part of our lives as a human species. Engaging in outdoor activities helps you to appreciate the world in which we live. The more we involve ourselves in nature the more we appreciate the environment and seek to help it flourish.

Cost: The cost of kayaking is relatively cheap. You can rent them for around $10 an hour, buy one for under $400 and get a used one for under $150. If one plans on engaging in the sport on a regular basis they should consider finding a used one to purchase.

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