Saturday, June 25, 2016

Eating for Health - Acai Bowls

Acai Bowls are a popular food item in California and have spread to many other regions. The fruit is known to carry some health benefits that make it ideal as a breakfast or as a snack.  Being a berry it has advantages in improving overall health while reducing the amount of toxins in the body. Each time we choose one alternative over another we can be adding or detracting from our fitness.

Consider the many choices that lead to obesity. Eating deep friend foods that are loaded with saturated fat and calories isn't likely going to do you much good for weight loss. Trying to find alternatives like salads, fruits, and nuts can make a big difference.

Acia is fruit that has been known to detox the body, aid in weight loss, and protect against cancer. As an alternative it is one of the best. It isn't a cure all but is one alternative among the many alternatives available for breakfast. Some have even argued that it has anti aging effects much like wine.

The nice thing about Acia is that it can be mixed with so many different alternatives. For example, granola, nuts, banana, chocolate, coconut, berries, hemp, bee pollen and lots of other things can be easily added to enhance the taste. The versatility of Acia makes it idea for smoothies and bowls. Prices run from $5 to $8 in most places.

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