Monday, May 16, 2016

What If You Could Improve Performance and Decrease Stress?

What if you could improve your performance while decreasing stress? It would be the best of both worlds. I have seen people who believe that if they work harder and faster they can get more done and get that promotion. This isn't how it works in real life when one seeks to move to the highest ranks of an organization they must engage in a paradigm shift to be truly dynamic. Living in the present can change your fundamental outlook on life that filters into our work performance.

When we are trying to move up the ranks we can become bogged down in our own thinking. We start to worry about all the details and try and make them perfect so that we can achieve our goals. The problem is that most companies don't expect perfection or lots of busy work from managers...but they do expect you to manage people effectively and use your brain to get meaningful work done.

Think of the term "frazzled". I'm sure at some point in your life you have met a manager who is frazzled and tries to do and control everything within their department. They can get so busy they don't take their time and get easily frustrated by others. Worse! They might not even pay attention to their employees and other problems related to retention and motivation start.

Living in the present means the manager focuses on the tasks in front of them while not necessarily forgetting their long term goals. Achievement of objectives is through lots of little baby steps. Trying to manage every detail is impossible and leads to poor outcomes. It is necessary to do each of the baby steps well and let them accumulate to the accomplishment of your goals.

The process of focusing on each task helps improve the outcome on each task and in turn the entire project. It also ensures the manager isn't bogged down with many other minute details they may not have control over anyway. The advantages of living in the present isn't easy as it is about fundamentally changing the way you view the world by riding the wave versus trying to control it. 

A few advantages of managing in the present:

1. Improves listening skills

2. Improves thinking skills

3 Allows for creative problem solving

4. Improves enjoyment of each moment

5. Improves interpersonal skills

6. Encourages proper delegation of responsibility

7. Focus improves

8. Motivation rises

9. Personal skills are integrated

10. Reduced stress

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