Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Research Finds that Regular Exercise Protects Against 13 Cancers

If weightless, good looks, and health weren't strong enough reasons to exercise you might consider a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine  that shows that regular exercise reduces risks by up to 20% for 13 different types of cancers. As people got up and moved around 150 minutes a week they continued to protect themselves from future disease.

The study fits with the findings of 12 large U.S. and European Research Studies that contained 1.5 million participants who were tracked from 9 to 21 years.

Moderate to heavy exercise is recommended. When the term moderate is used it doesn't mean high speed sprints and kickboxing class everyday. Something as simple as walking can make a big difference in one's overall health. Other studies have concerned that speed walking may be even more beneficial than jogging in the long run.

When you review the literature you will also find that each more fruits and vegetables also reduces the risk for cancers. Eating the right type of foods with regular exercise can protect your body from generating cancer producing cells.  Matched with regular screenings for common cancers and you should be on your way to greater health and peace of mind.

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