Monday, May 23, 2016

Greater Hiring in Higher Education-Administration Positions Show Big Business

Higher Education is on a hiring track seeking high quality candidates to fulfill their needs. According to an analysis conducted in the HigherEDJobs a .7% hiring increase was realized in the Q1 2016 at 12,500 colleges. Open position advertisements were up 13.7% indicating that future growth is likely.

Administration heavy and faculty light are some of the findings. One of the reasons why this is the case is that college has become big business and bureaucracy is a growing risk. 

As higher education legislation grows so does the need to have lots of administrators to manage the data mills. Administrators have a knack for justifying their own existence. 

A potential problem is that as higher education institutions become top heavy they also become more expensive. More administrators means more layers of management, less innovation, and increasing cost.

Universities should be hiring faculty and removing as many barriers to teaching as they can. This means ensuring that all activities are focused on teaching students. Administrators should be kept at a minimum while faculty should be kept at a maximum.

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