Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Economy and Jobs Important Concerns for Californians

Americans are concerned about their jobs. According to a USC Schwarzenegger Institute/Field Poll printed in an MSNBC article, 73 percent of Democrats and 77 percent of Republicans feel that the economy and jobs are the most important concern for the looming elections. Education and Social Security take a backseat to the need to keep Americans employed.

Rightly so. There are changes in the wind that many people will become distinctly aware of in the next decade. Information and money transfers across the globe in a quickening pace and this is going to disrupt the global economy while pushing local economies to adapt or collapse. New economic models will need to be developed to predict and foster change.

Consider how much has changed in the past 30 years and how much faster in the next 30 years. China is on the rise and the Millennials will be in charge of the national economy but also influencing international commerce. Economic integration and innovation is likely to speed up making education and learning more important. There will very be few stop signs to change beyond isolationism.

While the economy and jobs is important most Americans rely on our politicians to help them understand how the economy works. They know a good economy equals a solid paycheck, purchasing power, and a better life. Why this happens is only partly based on science and in many cases speculation...and this is where politics fills the interpretation gap. 

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