Friday, April 15, 2016

The Impact of Large Corporations and Legislation

According to a report by the Council of Economic Ad-visors issued a report stating that large corporations and heavily legislation are damaging the American economy. The tide has turned away from American entrepreneurs and into the hands of big companies and institutional investors. Revitalizing America's competitive nature may require removing legislation that hinders small business by revamping our political structure.

Consider the difficulties the small business owner now faces trying to open up a mom and pop shop. There is a maze of rules and regulations that are making nearly impossible for people to make a living outside of working for another company. Would be entreprenuers are now being funneled into large companies and this is having an impact on innovation.

Small companies adapt quickly and large companies find new innovative ideas by buying and using these ideas. In the present market, small businesses are suffering to start and survive; most fail in the first few years. Innovation is being wasted as the entrepreneurial spirit moves away from the dream of business ownership to corporate desk jockey.

Legislation can make changes to ensure small businesses can survive and revitalize our economy. As many of our Midwestern cities are dying there lays dormant an untapped source of rejuvenation. Removing red tape and encouraging reinvestment in neighborhoods and downtown helps to redevelop these cities.

The problem is that the legislative structure is both aggressive and funneled toward large contributions. Many of our government officials find themselves cushy jobs in the very same people who are supporting their campaigns. As long as they hold the line on their positions they are very well taken care of when they move on from their government positions. This report shows us that there are problems with this approach as regulation stifles new business in favor of protecting large companies. Government can balance the needs of both to create a stronger economy where all businesses sizes can succeed.

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