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Keep Your Team Motivated by New Goals

Developing enthusiasm isn't the easiest thing to do considering the complexity of human behavior involved. Teams must find new challenges if they desire to survive and thrive. Challenges offer an opportunity for goal directed behaviors that further solidify the purpose and behaviors of the group. Making sure those goals have value for team members is important for longevity. Considering that goals can be brought from outside the team or drawn from inside the team there is likely to be different motivations at play. When outside goals are artificially drawn from the team it is a matter of option and choice as to whether or not participants will adopt them as their own. Homegrown goals have the benefit of creating greater interest among team members. Once goals are selected teams must have something to do that activates them. As long as they are working toward those goals everything seems to be just fine. People are mentally engaged and stay focused on certain tasks. Once the

On the Issue of Workplace Civility

Workplace civility is a direct reflection on the capacity of an organizations ability to produce sustainable outcomes. As small communities it begins to develop those cultural attributes based on the way in which people act and interact with each other. Even in the best communities there are a few individuals that don't value common acts of civility. Almost every workplace has a few of these individuals. We know who they are by their rumor dropping, directional joking, and petty grievances that continue to carry on over and over. If it isn't one person they have a problem with it is another person as the target changes but the behavior continues. Such lack of civility seems harmless but does damage over the long run as work relationships erode. I have witnessed intentional joking that seemed more like an attempt to swipe at someone than to create good natured fun. These seemingly innocent acts do eventually take their toll on positive workplace environments. The problem i

Chinese Economy Will Force American Companies to Make Major Changes

The Chinese economy will be bigger than the U.S. by 2018 according to the article China's Economy Will Overcome the US in 2018 in Forbes.  The U.S. has continued to decline since 2015 while China's continues to rise until a switch in economic strength occurs. American companies will start to make major changes in order to increase competitiveness and ensure they still earn important contracts. Business is competitive by nature and the Chinese are continuing to push forward with their competitiveness. American companies will need to be more competitive in the future and this requires faster adaptation. Corporate models will change and governmental legislation will adjust to ensure companies can keep up. Consider the standard American corporation with its layers of management and need to get bigger and larger. As it grows it begins to crush in on itself and lose its innovative abilities. To improve competitiveness will mean moving to flatter and smaller divisions that are ab

Why Are Americans Still Skeptical of Economy? Optimism Needed

"The world is my representation." Americans are getting increasingly pessimistic about the economy. According to Gallup's U.S. Economic Confidence Index Americans rated the economy -16% which is the lowest since September 2015. The problem isn't that they are pessimistic but why they are pessimistic. No one knows for sure but it is suspected that negative politics and major socio-economic shifts are causing some of the problems. Do we need to be a little more optimistic? 60% say the economy is getting worse. There could be a lot of reasons why we might think so but what seems to be jumping front are politics and major socio-economic shifts. Change brings a feeling of insecurity and stress. Helping them view change in a more positive light might make a difference in how they view their future prospects. Americans scan their environment to understand the world around them and how that impacts their lives. They listen to the news, talk to their friends, and look

Fulfilling Your Needs with Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a process of ensuring all of your needs are met. Focusing too much effort in one area of your life puts you out of sync with your needs and leads to problems down the road. To some this lack of balance might impact their physical, emotional, or financial health in ways they don't realize. Finding the right work-life balance for you takes some time and exploration. It is first important to find out what you like to do when you are not shuffling papers. Consider those activities that reduce stress and improve health. As general categories, people need to socialize more, get involved in hobbies, or engage in a fitness program. Sometimes people need to do all three! Socializing: Socializing with others reduces stress and creates a stronger social network. The worst thing you can do is work long hours and then isolate yourself. This reduces your overall resilience to stress and impacts the way in which you handle life's difficulties. Work on finding soci

Do San Diego Millennials Need a Car?

Millennials are increasingly attracted to large cities like San Diego not only because of its employment opportunities but also because of its amenities. As the market shifts there may be less need for cars and more need for public transportation. Based on urban design it may be possible for Millennials to not bother to own a car at all! According to Goldman Sach's a whopping 30% of Millennials don't intend to buy a car in the near future while another 25% don't find it as a priority. It is hard to blame them considering the high cost of car ownership, insurance, parking and congestion. The world is changing and it is now possible to live without a car in many urban areas. Car Sharing: Why own a car when you can share with others using Car2Go or Uber/Lyft. On those days when you want to be dropped off at the front door or get somewhere quickly these options will work well for you. Legislation is catching up to the sharing economy. Bike: San Diego is a bike lovers

Euro-Asia Forum in Politics, Economics and Business - 2016

Euro-Asia Forum in Politics, Economics and Business - 2016 July 21-22, 2016 Belgrade, Serbia Hosted by Faculty of Economics University of Belgrade On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to participate in our annual forum which will host well-known academics, journalists, consultants, and practitioners. We aim to become one of the hubs in the Euro-Asia region where participants present research in all major fields and subfields of economics, business, social and political sciences focusing specifically on the Euro-Asia region. Euro-Asia Forum in Politics, Economics and Business - 2016 will take place on July 21st and 22nd, 2016 at the Faculty of Economics - University of Belgrade (FoE) in Belgrade, Serbia with the support of Eurasia Business and Economics Society and the Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences. Abstract submission is open until April 30, 2016 and the registration deadline is June 8, 2016 . For

A Growing Need for Training

The economy is shifting and companies will need to retool and retrain their people to produce higher quality services and products. Companies will need to change and adjust to keep up with growing trends in technological advancement. Intellectual capital will become a bigger necessity over the next decade. Where higher education fails is where training starts-sometimes they both can work together. Higher eduction provides critical thinking skills and general industry knowledge that helps employees adapt and master their environment. Some people may go decades without updating their skills. When this occurs employees fall behind the changes in industry trends and they become stale and their value suffers. One way to avoid skill deficiencies is to invest more in corporate training. Higher education may provide general knowledge while training & develop offers specific information to that business or industry. Companies are likely to train employees more in an effort to ensure t

Hiring and Wages Up While Growth Slows

The government recently released data that says a slow growth 1.4% was realized in the last quarter of 2015 while payrolls expanded 1.5 million jobs over the last 6 months. On top of this was a sluggish GDP expansion of .5% and increasing wages of 2.3%. Investments appear to be slowing down and consumers are holding back on spending. This creates a problem of pessimism influencing the economic engines while at the same time wages increasingly rise  against the investment trajectory. If the trend of low growth and slack investment continues wages will also begin to slow down. Considering that 2/3rds of the economy is driven off of consumer spending there will also be a greater impact on income in the future. Unless big investors and consumers become more optimistic about the economy there will be a continual slowing of national growth. The economy is a much more global world and the U.S. was projected to be one of the fastest growing out of the industrialized nations but this has no

Keeping Higher Education Funded

States are suffering from budget shortfalls that have improved over the past few years but have not returned to pre-recession levels. Higher education funding has declined and is making a slow comeback in budget allocations. As states wrestle with how to educate the next generation they will need to tackle important issues related funding and the need to keep up with economic shifts. We know that the world is changing and the next 30 years there will be rapid shifts in the job skills need. Those with higher education are likely to do much better than those who do not have advanced degrees. As the market needs shift toward more technical work that requires higher levels of critical thinking there will be a need to reeducate the population. Many jobs where people were left behind, laid off of work, and unable to find new work were because the fundamentals of the market changed. People who worked the same job in decades suddenly found themselves without prospects. They will need to go

The Impact of Mentoring in Higher Education

Higher education isn't known for having strong mentoring programs.  Mentors provide a valuable service to organizations by helping them develop talent that far exceeds the technicalities earned through training courses. Mentors can act as guides that encourage not only greater thinking but also proper socialization to the academic world. Research supports the idea that mentoring can help students and professors achieve higher levels of performance. Performance is about perspective. People must see the value in the work they do as personally valuable to them. Mentors can help the employee get a grasp on defining what behaviors lead to the highest opportunities for personal success by tapping their natural inclinations toward certain goals. As a person works through issues they are likely to become more focused in their efforts. Mentoring gets people to envision possibilities of success by finding paths that help them achieved desired outcomes. The relationship offers an opport

WJRR Journal

In the contemporary era where publish or perish has become a maxim for academicians amid mushrooming of numerous journals, WJRR Journals offers an impartial platform for quality research work par excellence. Our journal is where distinguished quality research, exemplary enthusiasm and incessant devotion are interwoven to provide the scholars an impartial platform where the outcome of their incessant toil finds expression. WORLD JOURNAL OF RESEARCH AND REVIEW ISSN: 2455-3956 Website: Volume-2 Issue-4 Last Date for Paper Submission: April  22 , 2016 Date of Publication: April  27, 2016 Publication Frequency- Monthly Why Publish with WJRR? Quick and Fast Review and Publication Process Download Soft Copy of Certificate any Time Just after Publication Track Your Paper Status online using Paper id and Author Email Address. Hard Copy of "Certificate of Publication" and Paper  of all authors (Only Indian Authors) WJRR is indexed in Google Scho

Successful Organizational Change Depends on Personality

O rganizations are collectives of people that create efficiencies in the way they process information and resources to produce profit-driven products. As the market adjusts organizations should learn how to shift with it. Organizational change can be as much a change in perception as it is about adjusting processes. The employees personality and how they perceive these changes makes a difference in the success of change initiatives. The competitive advantages of firms is partly dependent on human factors such as risk to what is perceived as the normal state (Bablac, 2013). The normal state is subjective but it is based on the perception of "business as usual" for employees. This is homeostasis where they can go about their work in routine in a way that doesn't distress them. Change requires making the routine adjust to create new patterns of behaviors. It can be difficult for people who seek the safety of familiarity, and have become accustomed to the effort level

We Can Do a Better Job of Supporting our Veterans

Without veterans we wouldn't have the freedoms we enjoy today. Our lives would be very much different without the blood, sweat, and tears of young people in uniform. The problem is how we treat them when they get back home and integrate into the civilian world. Things begin to break down where rhetoric must be replaced with real action. As a community we can step up our efforts to care for veterans. I read an article in KPBS entitled San Diego Nonprofit Trains Veterans For Manufacturing Jobs   that discusses the beneficial job the non-profit organization Workshops for Warriors is doing for helping veterans train for manufacturing jobs. They are funded primarily through private and business donations so you might want to give them a little something. The business community can do more by donating to such organizations but also by hiring more veterans. It isn't enough to say you are hiring veterans without giving them real consideration in hiring and promotion process. All

How Social Networks Encourage San Diego's Millennials to be Innovative

San Diego is an innovative place but can work on the "soft" side of innovation to create more economic growth. An article in The San Diego Union-Tribune entitled Downtown San Diego: The innovation economy’s latest frontier discusses some of the factors why San Diego is innovative and attracting Millennials. Understanding how innovation is developed through social interaction can help the business community create a stronger innovative environment. According to the article, San Diego has 15.34 business start-ups per 10,000 people when compared to 1.35 per 10,000 people nationally. San Diego's downtown population is 1/3 Millennials  with a higher than average $73,000 per year income, and relatively educated population. The young demographic is attracted to walkability, cultural institutions, events and parks. Young people live active lives and work to achieve their professional goals and spend a lot of time engaged in extra curricular activities or socializing with fr

2017 Las Vegas Global Conference on Business and Finance

You are invited to participate in The 2017 Las Vegas Global Conference on Business and Finance (GCBF).  The Conference, sponsored by The Institute for Business and Finance Research, LLC (IBFR), will be held from January 2-5, 2017 at the Flamingo Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is an exciting destination with much to offer.  There are a wide variety of shows and activities to please any taste.  A large number of shopping outlets are located on the strip as well as throughout the city.  Gambling is legal in Las Vegas and there are many casinos throughout the city.  Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, and twelve other national parks are within a few hour drive of Las Vegas. The conference welcomes papers from academics, including professors and students, and industry practitioners.  Non presenting participants are also welcome.  Theoretical and empirical papers in all areas of business, finance, marketing, management, accounting, MIS, pu

Helping Busy Employees Stay Healthy Through Walking

Busy employees have a hard time squeezing in an exercise routine. As people move up the organizational ranks they seem to eat more and workout less. Convenience foods increase bad calories while a busy schedule limits opportunities for fitness.  Something as simple as walking a half hour a day can make a big difference in your health levels. When people think of getting fit they have images of a gym, getting ready, showering, commuting, and then making their way to work. By the time they complete these tasks it would take an extra 2 hours out of their day. All this time isn't necessary and walking around your neighborhood in the morning or from your office at lunch could be transformational. According to a study in the American Heart Association's journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology walking is as beneficial as jobbing for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and overall health.  The study highlighted that walking was more sustainable and had a sligh

Can Cultural Intelligence be Taught in the Classroom?

As commerce continues along its path of globalization Americans will need to develop cultural intelligence (CQ) in order to deal with people of different backgrounds. Products move freely across the world and people chat and travel as easy as it is to make a phone call or take a road trip. The U.S. is becoming a diverse recruiting ground for businesses and college graduates will need new skills to managed diverse teams. Consider a technology business that must work with people from different backgrounds. You have a choice in hiring a candidate with great skills but lacks the ability to work with people of different backgrounds while the other has slightly lower skills but can work in a team. Which would you choose? You would likely seek the later as what the candidate may lack in skills can be hedged by his/her ability to work with other people. The former might just create a level of dysfunction to existing collaborative efforts. CQ in teamwork will become more important as Amer

5th Global Business and Finance Research Conference

5th Global Business and Finance Research Conference Date: 2 – 3 June 2016 Venue: Novotel Hotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia Submission Deadline: 29 April, 2016 Registration Deadline: 20 May, 2016 Email: Website: The above 2-day annual international gathering intends to bring together academics and researchers from all over the world to exchange and share their knowledge, experiences and research results about all broad areas of Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Management and Marketing, Business Law, Business Ethics, Business Educations and e-business. This conference is organised by Australian Research Centre for Accounting, Finance and Economics (ARCAFE), Australia and sponsored by Journal of Business and Policy Research, International Review of Business Research Papers, World Journal of Management, Global Review of Accounting and Finance and Global Economics and Finance Journal which are ranked by Aus

The Rise of a Freelance Nation

Freelance workers come with new opportunities and a number of pitfalls. Employers are turning to freelance workers because they provide greater flexibility and easier to administer budgets where they pay for only what is needed to complete a project. Employees as well might take up a freelance work in hopes of greater personal freedom. As a growing segment of the market turns to freelance work a few challenges become apparent. According to the Freelancers union approximately 53 million Americans are independent freelance workers. This constitutes around 34% of the entire national workforce. As growth in freelance workers outstrips traditional job creation the needs of freelance workers will be of greater concern. In a decade or so freelance work might be a leading employment sector. Its good and bad news. Traditional employment offers retirement, legal protections, and healthcare. Freelance work provides flexibility that working mothers and small entrepreneurs need to maintain th

The Need for New Higher Education Models

Higher education is on the path of reform; whether it wants to or not. State budgets, student loans, high demand, and increasing necessity are making it all but impossible to keep trending down the same line. Small liberal art colleges are closing their doors and state universities are wading into virtual education to lower their costs.  Experimenting with higher education models helps develop a more sustainable education system. We are sometimes opposed to change because it seems to challenge our perception of how things "should" or "ought" to be. We are emotionally tied to our times in traditional colleges and have beliefs about higher education deeply engrained in our culture. Dusty libraries, student organizations, and dormitories bring forward some fond memories. Each generation has its own challenges and creates its own memories. Current generations must contend with the need to work full-time and find affordable educational opportunities to meet today&#

Moving Your Team to New Horizons

Forming new teams is a difficult touch and go process as managers need to intuitively feel their way through the storming and norming process to create group cohesion. Once settled teams must continually find new meaning or they will lose their relevance. Creating shared visions, developing norms, encouraging full contribution by members and finding new challenges help keep the team motivated and active. Create Shared Visions: Teams must have a vision of what they want to accomplish  and who they are as an identity. They must see their work as relevant and part of a lasting contribution that has meaning to the members. When members have a shared vision they are more likely to see the same possibilities and act together. Develop Norms: All teams have norms and these norms ensure the team knows how to function during its day-to-day activities. Helping the team find norms based on diligence, civility, diversity, cooperation, etc... can make a difference in consistent achievement.

2016 International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Learning

2016 International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Learning (ICEPL 2016) Chiang Mai, Thailand, August 23-25, 2016 The 2016 International Conference on Education, Psychology, and Learning (ICEPL 2016) is to be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on August 23-25, 2016. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform which focuses on certain important topics of education, psychology, and learning. Detailed information about the conference can be found on the official website. We sincerely invite your participation for this event. Submitted papers will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, under an ISSN reference, on CD-ROM support. Conference Date: August 23-25, 2016. Conference Venue: Duangtawan Hotel Chiang Mai Conference Website: icepl/ Online Submission: iceplconf/ Enquiries:

Tunnels Between the U.S. & Mexico Highlights Shadow Market Problems

The discovery of an 800 yard tunnel in San diego  highlights a  growing problem of the Shadow Market and how it impacts the economy. Money is a great motivator and the shadow market exists along with the legitimate market in an effort to earn profit and minimize expenditures. The problem with the shadow market is that there is no oversight and no one can be sure what is moving through it. According to a study conducted by Havoscope the U.S. Black Market is the largest in the world with 625 billion dollars. This surpasses the  China's #2 spot at $261 billion and Mexico's #3 spot at $126 billion. The problems are not likely to go away anytime soon as the U.S. is a prime target for all types of theft and shadow market commerce. In the Black Market taxes are not being paid even on legal products puts taxpayers on the hook. This may not be a problem for criminals but is a problem for those who have to support Social Security, the building of roads and need to fund law enforce

Face Your Fears to Achieve Your Goals

Each of us has fears of some type or another. For some it might be financial while for others it could be about family or health. Fear is part of what makes us human. However, fear isn't helpful when it doesn't motivate you to take action and overcome obstacles in your life or fulfill your dreams. To achieve your goals and true potential you will need to face your fears. I have seen people who talk about their goals and dreams and don't put any effort into them. They are restricted by their fear of failure or the fear of being rejected. Each year passes and their dreams become increasingly difficult to enact. Their failure to act limits their happiness and possibilities. Many people have self-esteem issues that have been reinforced in them throughout the years. They don't have the confidence to truly chase their goals. They don't believe that if they put forward the effort and make a leap of faith they can achieve their dreams. Overcoming the fear of failure m

The Economy and its Addiction to Finance

Are Americans addicted to the drip of finance?  National debt is at a high point and many families are over their heads in debt. The art of living within your means seems to be fading with each passing decade. Governments are regularly drawing from the trough of borrow today and never pay back tomorrow. At some point we may need to re-balance the economy to ensure its viability. The Washington Post printed a piece called "Has our economy become too ‘financialized’?" It discusses how the use of finance has doubled over the past 60 years to 20% of the GNP.  Concerns about the stability of the financial system and transparency were brought up in good measure. It is difficult to argue against the necessity of finance considering that most businesses and governments need finance as a way of keeping their daily operations running. This practice falls back into history centuries. Few can step away from the necessities of borrowing money. That doesn't mean we don't h

Non-Verbal Cues Influence Our Impressions

Most of us don't think much about non-verbal communication throughout the day. We are aware of what people are saying but don't seem to grasp on a conscious level what the underlining messages are. We can "feel" these messages and may get an "impression" but we don't comprehend them in a way that give us conscious choice over them. Understanding our cues can give us powerful control over the signals we present and the one's we understand. Non-verbal cues are so powerful they can even tell people your socio-economic status (SES). Research on non-verbal cues among strangers found that upper socio-economic status was associated with greater disengagement cues (lack of concern for others in conversation)  while ower socio-economic status was associated with greater attentiveness. The study is interesting because it accurately predicted family income, maternal education, and subjective SES (Kraus & Keltner, 2009). It is possible that those of

International Postgraduate Conference on Arts, Innovation and Sciences

International Postgraduate Conference on Arts, Innovation and Sciences (IPCAIS) 2016, London, United Kingdom The International Postgraduate Conference on Arts, Innovation and Sciences (IPCAIS) 2016 is a postgraduate forum for discussing concepts, theories and research findings in the areas of science, arts and innovation. IPCAIS 2016 invites academicians and scholars to present their work at the event which will be held at the Amba Marble Arch Hotel in London this 27 – 28 May 2016 . The conference is held in conjunction with the 5th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation (ICLEI 2016) and the International Conference on Asian Languages and Culture (ICALC 2016.) IPCAIS participants will enjoy full access to both parallel events, which will also be held at the same venue. Themes IPCAIS 2016 accepts proposals under the following broad themes: Arts & Humanities Social Sciences Education Teaching and Learning Languages Innovation & Crea

Supporting Corporate College Funding

College is expensive and even though technology holds many promises it hasn't slowed the tide of tuition increases. Most students rely on grants, loans, or scholarships to attend college as hard cash seems something difficult to muster. To thwart this heavy student loan burden it is beneficial to consider the merits of corporate funding. The trend toward corporate sponsorship of education is growing and is becoming an attractive way of recruiting employees. Today's generation will have difficulty paying their student loans without the help of the companies that employ them. Providing tuition reimbursement and direct scholarship helps to achieve a higher skilled employee. Companies pay for training and find the rewards when motivated employees capitalize on that training to take on greater levels of responsibility. Funding higher education works in the same way except the return on the tail is longer. Some ideas learned in college can be applied right away while others mig

Main Street Americans Not So "Hot" on the Economy

Depending on who you ask about the economy you are likely to get different answers. According to a  CNNMoney/E*Trade survey those on Wall Street feel the economy is doing pretty well while those on Main Street feel the economy is a little more gloomy. There will be bigger changes in the future and we will need to meet them to bring back optimism. People are naturally pessimistic when it comes to the economy. More concerning is that many are afraid for their children and their lifestyle. We must admit that our country has done well when compared to others. We had a good ride since WWII and hopefully will have a good ride in the future. That doesn't mean that things are perfect. We did go through the Great Recession that was caused partly by global factors, lending problems and poor choices. We will continue to have ups and downs as our natural cycle to development and improvement. Why do we feel this way? Change brings fear and fear of the future. Our children will live i

The 3rd Asian Conference on Defence Technology

 The 3rd Asian Conference on Defence Technology 18th to 20th January 2017 Phuket, Thailand Call For Paper: 3rd ACDT (ACDT2017) will be held in Phuket, Thailand on 18-20 January 2017 . Accepted and presented papers will be published in Conference Proceedings and submitted to IEEEXplore. Selected papers will be publish in Defence Technology, Elsevier Journal **Important Dates:** October 16, 2016 : Paper Submission November 16, 2016 : Acceptance Notification December 18, 2016 : Camera-Ready Submission December 25, 2016 : Early Registration January 18 – 20, 2017 : 3rd ACDT Conference Enquiries: Web address: Sponsored by: Defence Technology Association  **Topics of Interest** The 3rd ACDT seeks original contributions in, but not limited to, the following tracks topical areas: Computer Science and ICT Electronic warfare; Cyber warfare and information; Command, Control and Communications; Modelling and simulation;Information

San Diego's Innovative Market Continues to Rise

San Diego's innovative market continues to rise to capitalize on new market opportunities. As the city progresses down its path of becoming a leading innovative market in the telecommunications, military, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and technology industries it will go through a number of transitions. Increased patents are a good sign for things that currently are as well as those things that will come to be. Keeping the city thinking forward and focused on developing its industries can help it grow. A nice story on KPBS helps highlight the innovative abilities of San Diego. The weather seems to be adding to the creative thinking of residents...ok...well sort of. The unique mix of San Diego's telecommunications industry mixed with pharmaceuticals and other life sciences are a hot item on the international market and encourage innovation and patents. The weather is just a bonus for all those smart people who were recruited here. After surfing and beach lounging these s

International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Research Technology

IJEART: Publish your Research Paper: Dear Professors/Teachers/ Academicians/Research Scholars, IJEART is a rapidly growing academic publication  in  the fields of Sciences and Engineering like Electronics & Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering etc. Engineering Research Publication is a registered organization, services to inculcation professionals, especially researchers around world. The organization aims at undertaking, co- coordinating and promoting research and development. It provides professional and academic guidance  in  the fields of basic inculcation, Higher inculcation. IJEART mission is to Promote and support, High Quality basic, Scientific Research and development  in  fields of Engineering Technology and Sciences, Generate Public awareness, provide advice to scholar’s researchers and communicate research outcomes. _