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Be a Transformational Sales Leader!

Transformational Leadership in a Changing World Today’s business environment requires sales leaders to not shy away from change but rather to embrace it and to become champions of change.  Turbulent change is all around us. It is caused by forces such as technology, the economy, globalization, innovation and more. These forces drive change and push sales managers to adjust, adapt and plan strategically. Sales Managers are constantly innovating to increase sales and to increase sales, improve profit and connect with people. Sales Managers and their teams continue to think creatively and plan to overcome challenges and create positive outcomes.   Motivating Sales People    Most models to motivate a sales person are designed to increase the sales person’s motivation. In theory, these models are an exchange process. They are designed to increase effort and improve performance. It is a transactional leadership approach and financial rewards, recognition, and a sense of accompl

How to Make Headway in Your Career?

Careers are built over a lifetime. Some look back over their careers and feel like they have accomplished many things while others look back and feel they were just supporting themselves without accomplishing much. To gain the successful career and achieve what you want it you can no longer afford be directionless. Give up short-term strategies and focus on what works for you. Define what You Want to Achieve People in life should have something they want to accomplish beyond just eating and watching tv. Some of the happiest people in life have a purpose and a direction. They hope to contribute to society in some way that can help both themselves and others. Knowing what that is can act like a guide for your day-to-day business. Knowing what you truly want to accomplish isn't about defining an objective based on tv, friends, family, or your social networks. It is about finding a personal sense of expression in the world and going after what is important to you. You must know

Save Time and Be Successful

Time is limited. We have only so many seconds, hours, and days to spend. Before we know it we look back and realize that we have wasted lots of time. Time that could be used to be productive and time that could be used for important products. Defining what is most important to you and aligning more of your time to those activities is beneficial for being productive and maximizing enjoyment in your life.  If you think about the amount of time we spend in activities we don't enjoy or that are not necessary we might be astounded. On any given day we are driven by our habits to complete certain rituals and actions we believe are important but ultimately make little difference in the quality of our lives or career aspirations. Aligning our activities to our dreams can make a big difference in our achievement.  Know what You Want to Accomplish This is a big issue for a huge percentage of society. Lots of people move through life without real goals or ambitions. They take each day a

Developing Gifted Scientists Through Student Exploration

A great mind is a terrible thing to waste. Thousands of gifted people fall through the educational cracks and do not contribute fully to the world in which we exist. Future scientists and great discoveries are left unpackaged and unturned because we have failed to foster their minds in a way that breaks the mold of our defunct education system. To be a great nation and support the spreading of our way of life means we need to ensure the best and brightest come forward to take their rightful place as contributors to society.  Our gifted are not the ones you think they are. They are the hidden nuggets among the masses that are unchallenged, engaging in esoteric pursuits, contemplating the meaning of life, and developing in a way that many do not understand. They are not the most socially connected, the best looking, the richest or even the one's who get the best grades. They are the unknown .01 percent of society that are pushed aside in a the stream of self-focus. This problem

Recognizing Objections in the Selling Continuum

Effective sales people understand the selling continuum. They work to add value and build positive relationships with customers and gain their customer’s commitment.   Sometimes this happens quickly and other times objections occur during the sales process which increases the time it takes to gain the commitment of the customer. Moving customers through the selling continuum so they can make a well informed decision is what successful sales people do.   It is not always easy. An important factor in gaining the customer’s commitment is the ability of the sales people to understand and effectively respond to customer objections.               What is an objection? Simply put, an objection is a question or concern.   You may experience objections when you are prospecting for new business, during a sales call and in a presentation. You may see objections when you try to close and gain commitment or even after you have closed a sale and the customer has experienced the product or se