Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Increase in holiday shipping may need infrastructure improvements

Online holiday shopping is on the rise. According to the ShipMatrix President Satish Jindel holiday shipping is up 8% and this corresponds to an increase in online commerce. The trend toward greater online shipping and faster delivery requirements both domestically and internationally will require greater levels of infrastructure improvements.

When considering the growth in virtual companies, online marketing, telecommunications and eCommerce capabilities it is no wonder that previous infrastructure systems have been strained. Highways have now been superseded by electronic highways that pass information at a much faster pace than letters and parcels.

The physical structures such as roads, rail and ship have to keep pace with the increase in electronic commercial activity an increase in trade that accompanies any additional connection of information and financial resources.

Changes won't be only domestic and will likely include other structural adjustments that connect local to global markets. This means national structures that speed deliveries and increase volume while creating linkages to international markets.

This is a little like shooting two birds with one stone. One one hand, your keeping up with the pace of change while on the other hand your making your economy more competitive by making it more efficient. Improvement in the movement of products, information, resources, and people is part of the process of building better nations.

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