Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Is Slow Shipping Going to Embarrass You on Christmas Day?

Don't be embarrassed just because your gifts didn't ship on time. It is Christmas and you are attending a family get together and the gift you purchased is stuck in the slow shipping season. Instead of showing up empty handed like you didn't buy anything at all try bringing an empty box.

Ok...I'm not talking about a purely empty box. Within the box you are going to place a card that states something like, "Thinking of you during Christmas and your gift is on its way!" You can pick the words you want to use. Your goal is to let them know you bought them something but its caught up in shipping.

You definitely don't want to show up with nothing. That might send the message that you didn't think about the other person and didn't bother to buy them a gift. It is important to let them know the thought counts but circumstances are out of your control.

This could also work in corporate gift giving. Most people want to put something under their tree in their lobby or home. Providing an empty box with a promise is better than putting nothing and still says you are thinking about them. Now, if you don't follow up with the gift then you are certainly going to look cheap!

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