Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Ethics and the "Power of Being"

Ethics is a stand for the power of being. It is not for the weak, feeble minded, or the faint of heart. It requires a belief and strength few can muster from deep within to make a stand for something greater then themselves. When entire social and business networks have bought into lower values and the need for self-gratification it can be difficult to make a stand for something more important.

The problem has been realized over and over in almost every great ethics case. People are subject to their social networks and must follow the rules set forth by society. There are higher order values that represent ideals in society and there are lower order expectations that create day-by-day rules of social engagement.

Look back at ethics cases where major foul play occurred and you will find a network of people who found it was easier to keep their mouth shut, play by the rules, and live by the expectations. They have almost no incentive to stand up for anything beyond what was offered for them today.

It always takes someone who is willing to take risks to expose the wrong doings of others. They must be connected to their social networks to understand what is going on but also disconnected enough to make a stand against behavior that impacts both themselves and society.

People do not stand up unless they believe in something greater then themselves. They may run into a web of legal buffoonery where justice is more akin to the price paid for an expensive Rolex then it is for any sense of higher purpose to society. Often....those with the deepest pockets spin the truth any way they want!

Standing up for ethics is the power of being. It is a power that says, "I stand for something better!" It is the whistle blower who wins in the long run-they own themselves. While others suck the life out of our American principles it is those who take a stand that have an internal compass that sets standards that others for others. Few things are accomplished by taking the road most often traveled.

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