Thursday, December 17, 2015

Critical Thinking as an Aspect of Psychological and Logical Forces

Critical thinking can have a huge impact on our lives influences what we believe and how we act on those beliefs. In a world where things are complex and people are flooded with lots of information critical thinking become a critical skill in developing greater knowledge. To understand how our thoughts are influenced we should be able to discern our emotional response from our logical response.

Everyone is subject to emotional and logical arguments. The personality of the individual which determine whether they are more influenced by one or the other. Where some are more reactive to emotional stimuli another might be more reactive to logical points. Having a solid balance between both can be helpful for making the best decisions.

Consider a friend who calls you a name. You react emotionally and call them 20 names in response. Naturally your friendship breaks down and you no longer enjoy each others company. Your friend was wrong but your reaction to it created additional problems. Now you resent each other and are unlikely to mend the break.

Your emotional reactions kicked in and you responded without thinking logically about what will happen. Instead of ensuring your friend squarely was responsible for their behavior you engaged in an emotional display which also make you responsible. If the ability to be logical was present you would have been able to take charge of the situation and had a better outcome.

Now lets assume your emotional and logical thinking skills are in tune with each other. Your friend says a nasty comment. You are naturally upset because they are projecting their issues onto you. Instead of calling them names you logically know it isn't your problem and you question the person while showing an appropriate enough emotion to let them know you are serious.

Two examples:

Psychological and Logical Forces in Alignment: "It seems like you are having a bad day but that doesn't give you the right to call me names. When your in a better mood and can apologize give me a call".

Psychological and Logical Forces not in Alignment: "Who do you think you are? Your nothing, rude, a jerk, and not worthy to be my friend! I don't want to see your ugly face again!"

Understanding the psychological and logical forces will help you respond and make better decisions in about every aspect of your life. You will be able to discern between strong and weak arguments while ensuring that you are better protected from manipulation.

Whether you are at work or at home your ability to think logically and critical is important for enhancing your life. Furthermore, the ability to use emotion appropriately to respond to stimuli and events in your environment will ensure you don't become your own worst enemy. The next time someone tries to "pull the wool over your eyes" make sure you use all of your thinking skills to understand the arguments.

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