Saturday, December 26, 2015

Can Your Business Use Psychodynamics?

Selecting candidates is big business and should be done with meticulous care. One wrong hire and it could cost the company a lot of money in lost revenue or production. Using psychodynamics may help in overcoming motivations and their potential beneficial or negative outcomes in the work place.

What is psychodynamics?

It is the study of candidates emotional and mental functions that lead to performance and outcomes. This study is important in uncovering employees that are likely to succeed with their employer and complete their job function appropriately.

Those looking at psychodynamics may include paper trails such as employment history, community relations, references and other important markers. For example a person could have a very rocky employment background unable to stay at an employer for more than a year.

This could mean the candidates creates problems wherever he/she goes or it could mean there are other factors involved. To use psychodynamics well it is important to also look at other indicators such as how they act and respond to specific questions about their employment in the interview.

The Internet is also offering other alternatives to understanding backgrounds but is not a perfect solution because people change and information can be misinterpreted. For example, I might have paintings out there because I am learning how to paint but a hiring manager may assume I don't have a scientific mind.

Personal bias can easily make it in the process so ensure that your company effectively cross balances perceptions, data, and information in a way that leads to more accuracy. There have been many costly mistakes and misinterpretations that lead to the rejection of great candidates and hiring of poor candidates.

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