Sunday, November 8, 2015

Improving Communication Skills to Develop Management Techniques

Communication is an essential skill that makes or breaks a manager's career. Those who can communicate effectively and in a positive manner in a way that motivates others and creates trust are going to be more influential than those who can't. People live within a social network and take cues from their managers in ways that determine employees' work engagement.

You might wonder why communication is so essential to strong management? A department is a social network based in shared knowledge and work function similarities. Managers use their work experienc and people knowledge to create greater performance.

The manager should be the center of work communication within his/her network. The manager is the one who communicates the daily work tasks to fulfill organizational objectives. Without this knowledge and ability to keep the social group moving forward toward  organizational objectives t every idea of management dissipates.

Effective communication is about steering the ship in the right direction by getting everyone working together as a team. To reach each of the members it is necessary to find different ways and methods to communication. Even though conciseness and honesty are fundamental the methods the manager uses to communicate are fundamentally important.

Some employees will respond to some communication methods while others will respond to different methods. Some want things brought to them concisely while others want the information relayed in a way that doesn't damage their perception of self. The seasoned manager understands his/her employees and how information is heard and interpreted.

Effective communication should:

1.) Be clear and concise
2.) Avoid confrontation unless absolutely necessary
3.)  Have a clear objective and goal
4.) Be professional
5.) Show empathy and concern
6.) Cater to the audience
7.) Understand how people view information differently.

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