Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Traits I Look for in a Manager?

Managers have an important role in an organization. As matter of fact, without managers, all of the pieces might not come together to a cohesive conclusion. Managers are so important than they influence everything around them. The traits I look for in a manger are experience, social, reflective, analytic, and creative abilities.

Experience: It is hard for managers to give solid advice and make business decisions unless they have some experience with the fields they are working with. Some management experience can be applied in multiple fields.

Social: Social and emotional intelligence is important if we want managers to influence and motivate people. It is a skill that helps people understand how to relate and deal with other people. It takes time to learn how to effectively work within a network.

Reflective: This is a meta-cognition skill that develops over a lifetime.  Managers that can reflect on their decisions and behavior become stronger. The highest developed managers can self-reflect on their own though processes and step outside of themselves to view themselves.

Analytic: The ability to weigh, compare, adjust, analyze and build. Managers should be able to use their rationality and logic to solve problems and understand situations. Their methods should be testable.

Creative: Creativity is the ability to create new associations and connects to solve unique problems. Creative people can think about things in different ways that allow them to excel and advance the business. 

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