Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Political Contribution of Small Business

Small business is a major contributor to our society much more than its financial contributions. It also seeks to develop and create a sense of political capital through the constant pursuit of better neighborhoods and business friendly environments. Town hall meetings are full of interested small business owners seeking to get their voices heard.

When developing policy we often seek out the voices of large contributors and corporations that influence our governments. Almost no city, state, or national economy is immune to the pressures of large interests that employ people and add to the tax base.

Small business is generally ignored unless they get very active in through collective action. Yet it is these small businesses that look after neighborhoods, clean up the trash, focus on engaging local customers, and create a sense of community.

They contribute not through the large political donations but through their subtle ways of connecting with their customers and swaying opinions. They may be ignored in big politics but their active voice is making its way through the backyards of middle America. Without their social and political contribution America wouldn't have the same founding principles.

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