Monday, October 19, 2015

Martial Arts, Business, and Confidence

Martial arts is an ancient practice that teaches one self-defense skills. It also teaches a person about confidence and how to hold and carry their body. That all makes a lot of sense but what does that have to do with business?

Business is about how you hold yourself, maintain a conversation and tackle issues. Life isn't easy and it isn't always fair. The chips are often stacked against you but you will need to fight through it as much as possible.

Martial arts gives the confidence someone needs to deal with all of the issues and needs of other people. Much of what we consider "business" is social by nature and it is important for business professionals to learn how to deal with others.

Body language becomes a "tip off" to show others how to act and react to you. Confident body language will prompt people to act and approach you in a certain way. Confidence encourages people to respect your opinion.

Like other sports, martial arts gives a creative outlook that affords an opportunity to re-leave stress and get in shape. Work can be frustrating and having an outlet is beneficial for the overall life satisfaction.

Martial arts isn't just about kicking butt. It is also about building confidence, getting in shape, and reducing stress. It will help you hold your body in a way that improves others perceptions of you as well as provide an outlet for your free time.

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