Monday, October 5, 2015

How to Create Marketing "Buzz" and Greater Sales

One of the best forms of marketing are the organic types that quickly pass information through social networks in a way that sparks people's interest and helps them remember the message. "Buzz" marketing is one way in which companies can help people learn about new products and services.

"Buzz" is designed for global online media and is expected to move quickly. This is one reason why videos, pictures, and other digital methods are more popular than print media. The latter being too slow of process to take a market by storm.

A few ideas on how to create marketing "buzz":

1) Do something unique, funny, crazy, bazaar, and organic.

2) Put it on digital media to be shared vial email, text, social media and other viral marketing networks.

3) Film it with simple media for simple technology transmission.

4) Use a message that has lasting power.

5) Ensure the message fits within your core demographic group.

6) Spread it quickly and track what is going on.

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