Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fitness and Performance

Fitness isn't just about getting in shape and shedding pounds. It is also about ensuring you have strong performance even when not in your running shoes. Your brain works better when your at peak physical performance.

Stress is a major distraction that impacts processing of information and the ability of retaining information. When you work out your body relaxes by removing stress and allows you to concentrate.

Rigorous fitness improves energy and oxygen flow that increases brain function. An active brain needs access to the right nutrients to perform at its optimal level.

A regular exercise routine will help you sleep better at night and clear your brain of unresolved conflicts leaving excess cognitive capacity for other things. Starting with a clear brain each days can do wonders for your focus.

Getting in shape will raise your self confidence. People who are in shape look good, have an extra step and have a confidence level that helps them feel like they can  succeed.

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