Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Quality Curriculum Improves Student Motivation

Motivation is a big factor in successful  adult completion of education. That motivation can be fostered from the quality of the school and its benefit to the actual student. If the information appears to be helpful to students and solves a problem then it contributes to development. That problem can be employment related or a personal problem.

According to a study of 203 university students motivating factors includes instruction quality, curriculum quality, relevance, pragmatism, interaction with students, solid feedback, and self-directedness (Sogunro, 2015). Students appear to understand the quality and importance of their program and respond accordingly.

Each student decides if they desire to engage their education programs fully. This is something universities can screen for but can't control. When they offer high quality curriculum they are more likely to be motivated than if it isn't. 

The study helps us think about why it is important to ensure schools develop solid curriculum and create higher levels of relevancy in the market. Constantly updating curriculum and engage with students helps to raise their learning and motivation. Professors that are actively engaged in their classes are worth more than those aren't.

Sogunro, O. (2015). Motivating factors for adult learners in higher education. International Journal of Higher Educations, 4 (1).

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