Sunday, October 4, 2015

Are We Too Connected? Knowing When to Turn Off Your Phone

Being connected is a great thing. We can talk, chat, and text anytime we want. The problem is that we may actually be a little too connected and we may need to learn how to put down our phones. Just like some sci fi movie we can Google just about anything and can do almost anything from the little black box in our hands.

I'm an advocate of technology but I am also an advocate of the natural ability of people to do things without technology. One skill is innate from our souls and the other is artificial from the ability of our gadgets.

Sometimes we have to disconnect to create appropriate boundaries between our personal lives and our virtual lives. This could be during periods where we are taking care of family business, resting, vacationing, or engaged in some important activity that needs our attention.

The advantage of technology is that we can contact anyone anytime. The disadvantage is that we can also contact anyone anytime and this means we need to just back away for a while.

It doesn't need to be long. An hour, a day, or whatever time frame you need to accomplish an important task. Don't be afraid that you are missing something as all your text and emails will be there when you get back. Take some time for yourself.

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