Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Problem of International Online Students and Local Adjuncts

Colleges adopted online platforms throughout the higher education institutions to enhance their current models. Traditional colleges are hiring local professors for online adjuncting work while not fully considering the benefits of diverse geographical hiring online education offers.  Moving beyond the traditional hiring model can help in creating an enhance educational experience.

Using local professors is great but doesn't really open the students mind to new places, ideas, and peoples. Local cultures have different values and these values are based on the way they see the world. Culture seeps through everything they do, think about, and say.

You can look around the adjunct job boards and find that many traditional universities don't post out adjunct work. Some of this is due to the influx of applications they receive but many others are a result of not yet fully understanding the online economy. They are relying on their land oriented models.

The risk is that they don't fully embrace the online economy and the potential advantages it offers. Colleges have always been slow to adapt. Very qualified adjunct, or full-time professors, are not included in their applicant pool simply because they are unaware of the opportunities. At the end of the day, the student and the university suffer from a lack of perspective.

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