Monday, September 21, 2015

The Online MBA will be “The Degree”

The holder of the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a highly educated practitioner that can take on nearly any position within the company by applying their advanced knowledge. As jobs become more complex from one decade to the next, they naturally require more knowledge and education to meet new challenges. Professionals seeking to obtain advanced knowledge have few options under traditional models and view online education as “the degree” that suits their needs.

One of the primary reasons why online MBAs became so popular is because of their flexibility in allowing progressive individuals to go back to school and update their knowledge (Roe, Toma & Yallapragada, 2015). Under traditional models, students who are employed are unlikely to go back leaving a skill deficit in the market.

There were those who were skeptical of online education and continued to be so today. Their arguments have lost value and schools have adopted such practices because they are cost effective without hampering educational quality. The popularity of the degree continues to grow based on demand.

No doubt the world is becoming more complex, and people will need to go back to school to obtain the skills necessary to be successful in the market. Jobs that are leaning more toward the high-technology or knowledge fields require the type of personality that continues to seek new knowledge. Those who don’t will be left behind by those who did.

Online education allows hungry professionals the access they need to update their skills and compete in the market. The world is changing, and skills are fluid as the job market continuously shifts. Easy access and the ability to jump in and out of school when needed without significant loss can help the development of human capital in the country. Providing the right kind of education for the knowledge needed now works no matter what the medium.

Roe, C., Toma, A. & Yallapragada, R. (2015). Innovation in business education: developing a high quality online MBA. American Journal of Business Education, 8 (2).

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