Monday, September 28, 2015

The Life of the Online College Student

The online college student's life is very different than your traditional 18-20 year old fresh faced traditional student that has significant financial and parental support to achieve their goals. The online student is generally older and has lots of responsibilities that include managing a house and taking care of their children. Sometimes they can be stretched thin but show a resilience others students don't.

Despite their tough circumstances they made the choice to go back to school and succeed. They are taking steps to to improve their competitive position. Whether one is a successful MBA student with a solid career or a single mother starting out in life the online degree is one of the only available options that is reasonable.

Where traditional students are heading out with a weekend backpacking trip with their friends the online student is spending his/her weekend taking care of the other life responsibilities. Despite these challenges they continue to attend school day after day reading, writing, posting and engaging. They are the true champions of higher education.

Higher education is about broadening one's mind and learning new skills that can make one competitive on the market. It shouldn't be confided to a certain type of person from a particular background. Those who have to manage life and go to school have a higher degree of motivation than those who have all the support they need. The life of the online college is student is simply just-life.

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