Friday, September 4, 2015

Poem: Desert Dust and Life Wins

Few things are void of life. Under the wood, rocks, and debris are seeds that may have sat dormant for centuries but will come back out. With a little water, life grows again making the desert green. Something that looks barren could have lots of behind the scenes activity occurring waiting for its chance to blossom.

As humans we look but don't often see. Looking is only the act of taking in images and impressions from our environment while seeing is understanding what all those images and impressions mean. Understanding takes much more effort and background information than simply seeing.

The lesson we should learn from the poem is that just because something looks a certain way doesn't mean we understand its complexity. There are lots of mechanics of things going on and under the right circumstances things begin to grow again.

Poem: Desert Dust and Life Wins

The heat roasts the desert floor,
The sand is parched brown.

Barren views of mountains,
Nothing but miles of desert.

The scorched earth appears void of life,
Seedlings are nestled in the ground.

It doesn't take much to bring them to life,
A little rain and they come out of their shell.

Under the best efforts of the sun,
Life blooms again because it must.

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