Monday, September 28, 2015

Philanthropy Through Business Investment

Philanthropy doesn't have to be only about giving money but can be part of something greater than itself when it creates new investments and expands opportunities well beyond the initial amount. Donating money is important but donating money that keeps on giving is a gift that can be felt throughout generations. The long-term impact of resources should be of consideration.

Philanthropic and business interests can work well together. Major failures of revival have occurred because there wasn't enough time or escape velocity to change the fabric of an area. Uncoordinated efforts that don't truly change the fundamental platform or only short-lived changes that end when the resources dry up.

Changing the foundation and structure of an area changes its nature forever. Philanthropy can be about investing in schools, landscape, oversight, clean up, child-care, health-care, training, recreational facilities, or any other contribution. Yet something like reinvestment in new business ventures, property development, and other profit oriented activities is equally philanthropic.

People make the assumption that is is wrong to profit off of philanthropic activities. It isn't. If investment can be considered philanthropic then it is possible that a profit would leave more money for future philanthropic investments in other areas. What is better? Investments that leads to more investments or a one time influx of money?

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