Sunday, September 27, 2015

How to Balance Work, Study and Play

Work, study and play is the simple story of those who want to succeed in life. People have goals and they have to balance between making income, studying during college, and getting their recreational time in. Each can be a compliment to the other but requires a level of planning and balance in order to achieve. For those studying online and trying to take care of other responsibilities it is a necessity.

Life if full of all type of distractions. If you are the type of person that has lots of hopes and dreams but not enough time you should seriously consider the merits of narrowing down those goals to those that matter the most. Start prioritizing! Conquering the world will need to wait until you are out of school and cleared the big things off your plate so you can focus.

Once you have your main objectives narrowed into something feasible which should of course at least include school and work you can then figure out how you are going to achieve them. For some, this will require at a minimum a few hours a day studying and a number of hours a day working to fulfill your financial needs. Recreation will need to take a back step and be squeezed in when time allows.

When you get good at balancing all of your core goal requirements start to incorporate in your recreational activities. This will keep you sane as you work maintain your grueling schedule. People need down time and fun like going to the beach, sports, working out and having fun just as much as achieving their other life objectives. When you get old and look back it won't be all the money you will think about but your memories. Try and ensure a healthy balance so you have memories and a retirement.

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