Sunday, September 27, 2015

Collaborating Stakeholders to Build Better Online Universities

Stakeholders in higher education can and do collaborate together to create new and unique products. Universities, publishers, writers and artists along with technology companies can work together to create supperior online educational platforms. This process will become more powerful as decentralization occurs but could eventually challenge traditional models.

According to an article in Crains Chicago online publishers, education companies, and other important stakeholders are working together to develop stronger models (1). If this is a foreshadowing of investor interest in higher education a big battle is brewing.

This is the wave of the future as traditional ground based systems are challenged by more nimble online companies that can do more at a cheaper price. They will progress and innovate faster than others making them industry leaders.

Industry is known for being faster than government.

Of course there is huge regulatory interest in ensuring this doesnt happen. What would be the outcome if elite ground school were matched in prestige and quality of developing elite online schools? The foundations of higher education as we know it would shake.   The battle of regulation is just getting started.


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