Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Using Green to Create Functional Workplaces

Green is an eco conscious color that can tell a lot about a business and their working environment. Plants have many purposes that include workplace aesthetics as well as psychological comfort to workers. In a world where packing people into cubicles and personal space is declining it is important to enhance the aesthetics of the workplace to reduce stress and improve productivity.

According to a Public Health Report regular contact to nature can promote workplace health and reduce stress (Largo-Wight, et. al. (2011). People are biologically and psychologically designed to be around and in nature.  As workplaces become more compact and corporate we are less connected to our natural history and this can produce anxiety. 

There is little doubt that fundamental changes in society has produced large changes. There are simply more people, more things to do, more distractions, less time, and more pressures. Yet there is no reason to remove nature from our surroundings. That is the last thing we want to do. 

Companies can consider the benefits of using plants to create aesthetically pleasing businesses that look rich and well manicured. Boring corners can be spruced up with a potted plant and windows can be dressed up with flowers. Solid interior design should include some greenery and well placed foliage. 

It isn't all about how it looks. Using plants, pictures, and other nature connecting aesthetics can improve performance. When people are stressed and feel like they want to bail out of the workplace they are not likely to perform at their highest. Reducing stress and increasing performance through aesthetic adjustments can be beneficial in the long run. 

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